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Crew Resource Management in Crisis Response-Bruce Evans and Paul LeSage

The recent pandemic and civil unrest has taught us the importance of crew resource management (CRM) in crisis response. Learn how to mitigate the perception of risk to achieve your desired outcomes through principles and practices of situational awareness. Join experts Bruce Evans and Paul LeSage as they evaluate and assess current crew resource management case studies and provide effective solutions to adverse situations. Our webinar presenters will discuss how to:

1.         Mitigate perceptions of risk

2.         Obtain principles and practices of situational awareness

3.         Implement effective CRM solutions to adverse situations and crisis response

4.         Summarize crew dynamics, both leadership and followership, and how it affects your crew’s response


Evans B, Dyar J, Lesage P. Crew Resource Management: Principles and Practice: Developing a Culture for Open Communication. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett (2011).

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