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Treating Trauma

There are literally hundreds of thousands of papers in the medical literature. Yet, many lack sufficient quality to allow one to change medical practice. Traditionally, we are taught that randomized clinical trials represent “grade 1” evidence and retrospective studies are “grade 4”. Yet, a randomized study can be very flawed methodologically and a retrospective study can be very methodologically rigorous. We will review studies related to pre-hospital transfusion, TXA administration, and transport modality. 

This session is designed to address the controversies surrounding medications used in trauma. The use of tranexamic acid for all types of trauma, epinephrine in traumatic arrest, ketamine as the induction agent of choice, the ideal analagesic in a trauma patient, ICP reduction strategies during the peri-intubation, etc. will be discussed as well as the literature supporting these topics. Medication treatment pearls will also be discussed as it pertains to the medications used in trauma patients. 

  • Format
  • Duration
    1 Hour
  • Credits
    1 CE
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