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Old MacDonald Had an Accident: Agricultural Trauma-Tim Hillier

Agriculture has one of the highest rates of death and disability of all professional fields. It also poses some of the most dangerous scenes for EMS providers to attend. Using a case-based approach, this session reviews injuries from different types of farm accidents and looks at safe assessment and management of these patients. 

Learning Objectives:

1. Review common causes of farm-related trauma;

2. Describe safe scene assessment and management of farm accidents;

3. Review common farm-related injuries and treatment options.


Missikpode, C., Peek-Asa, C., Young, T., Swanton, A., Leinenkugel, K., & Torner, J. (2015). Trends in non-fatal agricultural injuries requiring trauma care. Injury epidemiology, 2(1), 30.

  • Format
  • Duration
    ~30 minutes
  • Credits
    .5 CE
  • After passing the course, your certificate will be available for download here.