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How Special the K: Is Ketamine Really the Wonder Drug We Think?-David Olvera

This presentation looks at the effects of ketamine in the prehospital transport system. This will be a deep dive in to the multiple uses of ketamine and data collected over several years from a large multisystem transport program that shows associated outcomes. By the end the attendee will understand current data related to prehospital transport and when and where this medication should be used.

Learning Objectives:

1. Interpret clinical data to understand outcomes in current research related to the transport setting;

2. Apply data from the presentation to real-world scenarios to improve patient outcomes;

3. Differentiate when ketamine may not help in resuscitation.


Olvera, D., Pollack, M., Fenati, G., Owens, M., Pennington, T., & Davis, D. (2018). Is Ketamine a safer RSI medication in prehospital transport? (Society for Airway Management) [Abstract]. Abstract presentation at Society for Airway Management Meeting Chicago, Sept 2018

Mankowitz, S. L., Regenberg, P., Kaldan, J., & Cole, J. B. (2018). Ketamine for Rapid Sedation of Agitated Patients in the Prehospital and Emergency Department Settings: A Systematic Review and Proportional Meta-Analysis. The Journal of Emergency Medicine, 55(5), 670-681. doi:10.1016/j.jemermed.2018.07.017

  • Format
  • Duration
    1 hour
  • Credits
    1 CE
  • After passing the course, your certificate will be available for download here.