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How and Why You Need to Create a Highly-Reliable Organization-Dennis Rowe

The ability to demonstrate reliability is critical as EMS enters the measured healthcare environment. Utilizing the core concept of DMAIC (D: Define the opportunity, M: Measure the performance, A: Analyze root cause, I: Improve the process, C: Control and hold the gains), this session will describe the medical community's federal policy push to achieving the "ZERO preventable" goal. This expectation originates from Six-Sigma and lean process initiatives. Case-based examples will demonstrate presentations to federal, state, healthcare policy and Payor partners of results and effectiveness.

Learning Objectives:

1. Upon completion the participants will be able to define the concept of "Zero Preventable."

2. Participants will be able to apply the DMAIC method to case examples to effect healthcare change.

3. Participants will be able to apply methods to hold improvement gains by way of control methods.


David Betts, Andreea Balan-Cohen, Maules Shukla and Navneet Kumar. "The value of patient experience." Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, 2016.

  • Format
  • Duration
    1 hour
  • Credits
    1 CE
  • After passing the course, your certificate will be available for download here.