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Bringing Back the Dead: You've Got ROSC—Now What?-Jeffrey Elder

Often, the focus on out-of-hospital cardiac arrest education ends when a pulse is obtained. This is only the beginning. In this lecture, we will discuss the management of the out-of-hospital post-arrest patient. From optimal management of ventilation and oxygenation to patient positioning and selecting the appropriate hospital destination, attendees will learn about the critical interventions that should be mastered by the prehospital ALS provider. Additionally, we will discuss intra-arrest wakefulness and how providers can manage this newly described condition. 

Learning Objectives:

1. Demonstrate the critical role that prehospital providers play in the care of the post-ROSC patient. 

2. Demonstrate the complex medical decision making required to assess and treat the post-ROSC patient.

3. Define intra-arrest wakefulness and discuss the appropriate treatment options for this condition.


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    1 hour
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    1 CE
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