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Stroke Recognition and Treatment in the Prehospital Setting-Kim Pruett

This session will review different stroke presentations syndromes, including different pre-hospital clinical testing strategies used to recognize stroke in the pre-hospital setting. The lecture will also discuss the newest technology and interventions for the treatment of stroke and the impact on EMS patient transport decisions.

Learning Objectives:

1. Define stroke and understand brain anatomy and circulation;

2. Recognize different stroke syndromes and their varying clinical presentations and pre-hospital stroke testing options;

3. Know the difference between primary and comprehensive stroke centers as EMS destinations;

4. Recognize and understand different types of stroke interventions and treatment.


Accuracy of Prediction Instruments for Diagnosing Large Vessel Occlusion in Individuals With Suspected Stroke: A Systematic Review for the 2018 Guidelines for the Early Management of Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke. Eric E EE Smith Stroke 49(3). American Heart Association; Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 2018. 0039-2499

Prehospital Prediction of Large Vessel Occlusion in Suspected Stroke Patients. Kevin J KJ Keenan. Current Atherosclerosis Reports 20(7). 2018-5-21. 1523-3804

  • Format
  • Duration
    1 hour
  • Credits
    1 CE
  • After passing the course, your certificate will be available for download here.