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What's the Future of EMS?-Kenneth Scheppke

What is the future of EMS? What breakthrough therapies are just ahead for our patients? How should patients be resuscitated? Is it time to remove epinephrine from VFib arrest protocols? What's the latest on head-up CPR? Where should we be transporting stroke patients? Should ECLS be standard therapy? Should antibiotics be given in the field for septic shock? What other new and exciting protocols are being implemented by the Eagles around the country and globally? 

Learning Objectives:

1. Describe the latest advances in EMS science;

2. List several new EMS protocols being developed around the country;

3. Describe the updates on new therapies in EMS including head-up CPR, active compression decompression and others.


Mueller-Kronast, N., Marulanda-Londono, E.T., Wang, K., Dong, C., Gardener, H., Gutierrez, C., Asdaghi, N., Antevy, P., Scheppke, K., Yavagal, D. and Mehta, B., 2018. Abstract WP229: The Impact of EMS Directly Transporting Patients With Suspected Acute Ischemic Stroke to Comprehensive Stroke Centers in South Florida

Youngquist, Scott T., Kenneth A. Scheppke, and Paul E. Pepe. "Supportive technology in the resuscitation of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients." Current opinion in critical care 23.3 (2017): 209-214.

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    1 hour
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    1 CE
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