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COVID-19 and Safe Operations: What you Need to Know-Tom Baldwin

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge the U.S. healthcare system. As our understanding of this virus evolves, so does our response. This webinar will offer an overview of practical information and current trends associated with personal protective equipment and disinfecting processes. This session will also provide general COVID-19 response safety tips.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe key safety issues faced by first responders amid COVID-19 response

  • Review the primary types of PPE used in the COVID-19 response

  • Identify issues surrounding PPE supply and extended/re-use

  • Discuss emerging trends associated with disinfecting equipment and vehicles 


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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

Federal Drug Administration. https:.//

Environmental Protection Agency,

Occupational Safety and Health Administration,

  • Format
  • Duration
    1 hour
  • Credits
    1 CE
  • After passing the course, your certificate will be available for download here.