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Best Practices in EMS Triage and Transport Destinations-Ed Racht et al.

Join Drs. Ed Racht, Stein Bronsky and Craig Manifold in their roundtable discussion of best practices and lessons learned in triaging and determining transport destinations of COVID-19 and other non-COVID emergency patients during the pandemic. Using a case-based approach, the webinar will discuss factors driving decision-making, and help prepare agencies and practitioners to implement new protocols for transport to alternate destinations or treatment-in-place.

CMS has recently implemented changes to the EMS payment model to reimburse for transport to alternate destinations during the pandemic. And several states are now reimbursing for treatment-in-place. But successful implementation of these enhanced services can be complicated.


  • Finding the best approach to engaging and selecting alternate destinations and a telemedicine partner.
  • Obtaining Medical Director buy-in and engagement in the process.
  • Obtaining community buy-in to the process.  
  • Developing alternate disposition eligibility protocols that meet both Medical Director and alternate destination partner requirements.
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