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Spotting the Clotting: Hypercoagulopathy in COVID-19

Severe COVID-19 illness can involve a spectrum of inflammation and unusual vascular disorders.

After reading this article, the learner will be able to:

  1. Delineate that COVID-19 is not just a disease that attacks the lungs, but one that can create widespread inflammation and hypercoagulability that can lead to significant multi-system organ damage;
  2. Explain why COVID-19 may be more of disease of blood vessels than the respiratory system and why lungs can still suffer as a result.
  3. Catalog the various complications of COVID-19 associated with hypercoagulable states, ranging from microinfarctions and blood clots in extremities and vital organs to outright brain injury and stroke;
  4. Recite why point coagulation profile testing, ranging from D-dimer assays and thromboelastography  (TEG) mapping, may help to target the appropriate patients for possible anti-coagulant therapy and also differentiate those who should not;
  5. Detail “10 Golden Considerations” for out-of-hospital health care providers with respect to identifying potential excessive clotting complications.


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